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A Little Bit About Myself

2011-08-05 13:11:15 by ReWired

Well I'm currently a college student majoring in Computer Science but I've been playing music for my entire life. I started creating electronic music in 2009 and have learned a lot since then.

I create all my songs using FL Studio 9 Producers Edition, and various plugins such as Sylenth1, Nexus, and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold.

My first couple of tracks where not very good (now that I look back at them) but I keep them posted so people can look and see how I slowly changed my approach to each song to make it better than the previous.

I feel that my first good quality track was "Strength From Within" . It was also the 39th song that I created in FL Studio which goes to show that it takes lots of practice and dedication to create a good song.

I'm a big Techno/Trance fan but I also enjoy other genres like Orchestral and Rock.

Lastly I wanna throw out a big thanks to all my supporters. It's your positive reviews and votes that help me grow as an artist and inspire me to keep making music.

I hope you all enjoy my songs cause there's many more to come.